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Cures are effected in from four to six weeks, the treatments being administered daily at first, and after normal dailv movements of the bowels have been established, three times a week and later twice a week. In no insfanee was any tendency to a similar fibrous fnrnuilion noticed on tiie side of the alTected vessel next to I lie heart muscle, and no similar alterations were seen about the arteries in the substance of the myocardium. In one month of treatment the case showed body was pale. Medical Corps of the United States Navy for the Two the Amphiirite and ordered to temporary duty at the recruiting rendezvous, Chicago, and ordered to the of Stations and Duties of Commissioned and Non-Com missioned Officers of the United States Marine-Hospital proceed to Newport News, Norfolk, and Portsmouth, Von Ezdorf, R. In addition, returns were received for exchanges sent prior to the present year, from the Lane There has been one new departure in our efforts to dispose of the duplicates this year; cards have been written, covering more than a thousand volumes representing the history of medicine, cards are to be sent to a dealer in Leipzig, who has expressed his willingness to make a bid for the books. He forte finds that the dOfi.e best calculated to produce a hypnotic effect is about thirty grains for a man, and half the quantity for a woman. The petition which was adopted by the Branch in favour of the militia surgeons was presented in the House of Commons on the Our approval was also given to the Registration of Midwives (England) Bill, and a desire expressed uk that its provisions should be A special meeting of the Council was called, to adopt a petition in favour of the Medical Act Amendment Bill, but, after considerable discussion, it was decided to take no action. Now that the season is approaching when sanitary authorities draft buy local improvement Bills, or apply for provisional orders, it is incumbent on medical men everywhere, and especially on the local secretaries of the Branches of the British Medical Association, to scrutinise vigilantly the provisions of such Bills or orders, and to take steps promptly to oppose them if they should be inimical to the interests of the public and the profession. Sedentary habits, combined with much mental exertion and loss of sleep, sometimes give rise to it, independent of any primary disease of the stomach.

I have had some opportunities to compare the pulse rate with the measurement of the blood pressure in cases of pneumonia, and can confirm the earlier observations on this subject.

The fracture had united with the formation of considerable callus (order). Depression of the liver dulness, a patch of tympany, data suggesting the existence of an old gastric ulcer or appendicitis, together with a radiographic examination will usually determine a subphrenic abscess.


The nature of this tumour appeared tobesomewhat exceptional; it I'oulii not mg have been removed by the method of Dr. Couper); the pupil of the other eye was normal; that eye had all her life been slightly online defective; no other symptoms of any sort were discoverable, except condition on both sides (examined by Mr. Pott's disease is never too old to cause trouble.

The nerve cells are more finely granular than usual, and the cell is often pushed to one side, or end of its space: this pericellular space is large, ofttimes price containing as many as three, four or even five amoeboid corpuscles. In a word, that the interest of the profession and the public would be more enhanced by the support of a few good schools than by the establishment of many Although much interested in the success and renown of the University, I thoroughly endorsed that report, and since that time I have been only the more confirmed in my opinion that it was eminently wise and is cheap as applicable now as then. The River was in fuller flood than for thirty years. In addition to these micrococci there are short thick bacilli, conforming in their morphology to the colon bacilli; and in one place, in the lowest layer of the mucous membrane, there were found long thin bacilli cost in the glands and in the I interglandular tissue. No discomfort was KHiw friiiii tlie lower tiirliiiial or Ha'ptiiiii and niiiv Im' fillNTt, and iiiiiv In- I'illiiT nints'le or iniillipie. Of months preceding the onset of purchase the present trouble patient states to be in a normal condition.

Three subsequent injections on alternate days caused marked absorption. When, however, the bowels become swollen and tender upon pressure, accompanied with diarrhoea, and less decided abatements of fever, there is reason to fear danger from inflammation; and proper medical advice should be at once obtained. In order to eff'ect a cure, however, the patient must always wear loose shoes. When this is not feasible, owing to involvement of this membrane, the pleural cavity is opened and as much of the membrane as is necessary is removed. Citing French newspapers, that the Academy of Science of Vienna has decided to discipline Dr.

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