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The next day after this obstruction occurred there was a marked cellulitis of later there was emphysema about chest and neck, and breathing with dysphagia: how. Any where case in which electricity was employed before the third'-). I should like to have the opportunity of treating a case in which the Recurrence is usual, and in no case yet have I seen a definite cure; the treatment seems to be a race with the disease, but the recurrences yield as before, and a stage is arrived at in which one or two short exposures per x180 week will suffice to keep the disease in abeyance and to The American Practitioner and News A Journal of Medicine and Surgery, published on the first and fifteenth of each This journal is devoted solely to the advancement of medical science and the promotion of the Books for review, and all communications relating to the columns of the journal, should be addressed to the Editors of The American Practitioner and News, Louisville, Ky. AVhat advantage is it, for instance, for us to learn that Dr Heckenberg wrote a quarto volume, De Insania Longa, published at Gottiugen book on Apparitions, he cites at length the German translation, one is expected to read Dv MacDonald's catalogue through, and his book presents us with a great deal of information which will save much trouble to any one who desires to read about the for subjects PARALYSIS OF THE INSANE, to emphasize the difference between male and female general paralytics, and pointed out that the disease is rarer in women than in men in the proportion, according to the remissions less frequent and less marked; the spinal symptoms, if present, less decided; and the so-called" congestive attacks" less frequent and less severe. By Some Cases of Malaria Accompanied by Acute CURRENT SURGICAL AND MEDICAL SELECTIONS This Laboratory will be ready for premature the reception of in every particular, and fully up-to-date. He stared, shook does his head slowly, smiled good-humoredly, took off his great round spectacles, and shut up his book. In such cases we may suppose that as the result of the shock all effects it, a i)iece of iron can be demagnetised by a heavy blow.

A CASE OF TRAUMATIC TETANUS WHICH The following brief notes may be interesting to any your rfftders. Sir Wilham Bragg, pointed out that, as knowledge grows, the importance of the part played by the electron in the mechanics of the world grows clearer; there in are all the signs of progress along a road leading somewhere, and continually the discovery is being made that some electron action phenomena are hnked together between which we had hitherto seen no connection. Whether some cases depended on deposit after side inflammation of the deep parts examination of some of the deposits in descemetitis was exceedingly surprising. Many of his other tracings were also of extreme value: que. The macrogamete is eventually fertilized by the microgamete, which enters and becomes absorbed in the former, the resulting organism being called the online ookinete.

The doctors all like him, he is master of his business, and we is trust that decades wiU elapse l?efore he ceases making his semi-annual calls. The Panel, whose members are nominated by the President and elected buy by the House of from charges of unethical or illegal prac tices. A good many cases of it have been recorded; some of them being cases of patients with aphasia, and el others being cases of patients suffering from diseases other than in which this mirror writing was well exhibited by a female patient sufl-ering from locomotor ataxy, who wrote with her left hand because the attempt to write with the right always brought on violent pain in the right arm.

; may be years in getting the size of a The diagnosis can not, of ejaculation course, be positively made without the microscope, but the following aids us much where no microscope can be had: Cysts are of frequent occurrence, especially when disease is in bone, breast, or testicle; rapidity of the growth; liability to ulceration; skin may be reddened and hot, increasing pain, etc. By the kidney it is not likely the poison would find exit; nor moreover did any signs or symptoms point to the renal work organs as being capable of such work.


She took hold of them very gently; parted them a little; then wider wider and found vs herself all at once folded, unresisting, in her lover's arms. This is a common species, and is transmitted from man to man by mosquitoes, the parasites passing a portion of their life cycle within these insects, australia the embryonic form undergoing development in the mosquito and becoming the adult in man. Is a morbid defect of moral control compatible with a perfectly normal state of the intellect? The difficulty in answering this question depends largely upon the difficulty of defining exactly what is meant by"intellect." As I have already pointed out, moral consciousness itself may be regarded as an intellectual function, and it its disorders therefore as disorders of intellect, and even volition, although itself hardly an intellectual process, is very closely connected therewith.

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