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All the carbonates that are needed or can be used to furnish heat added to these common articles of food, as they are used in making cakes, custards, pies, etc., are not only lost, but by adding too much fuel, increase the tendency to inflammations, embarass the stomach, and induce dyspepsia, congestions, obstructions, etc. These standards may be regarded as desirable of application, perhaps, rather than as rigid Should such standards be the same as those in this country, or higher, or lower? It seems to me that the answer depends in part upon the object of medical work in the mission. A first essay should be made upon large superficial and visible veins. The third variety of normal micturition is where the action is purely voluntary and is accomplished without desire. Brown-Sequard was seventy-two years of age at the time, and, according to his statement, the drug produced a state of mental vigor which he had not experienced for some years. Wound continued straight; no short-! to heal well, still open. It may be so uk severe that artificial respiration is impossible. It is tlie renal insufficiency, not the albuminuria, I am not aware that, with the exception of Spiegelberg, any of the text-books mention the fact that the quantity of urea present in the urine of a patient, prior to the onset of the convulsions, may be much diminished. Review - it is to be issued from New York City under his management and editorship. Wishing to apply the clamps and operate in a single space is not only difficult but dangerous, because the clamp applied too near the point to be sec tioned slips easily and besides, the stumps do not have the necessary amplitude and mobility; we must therefore always ligate and section one or two pairs of intercostal vessels noting that the search for the branches on the right may offer some difficulty.


Following this there will be a complete, or almost complete, alopecia within two to four weeks.

Fever, clinical observations on the origin of. In some cases the occurrence of an injury draws attention for the first time to stiffness in the back, due to some preexisting disease, as osteo-arthritis. Actinomyces is anaerobic, but grows well in the bottom of stab cul tures in glycerined or glucosed agar or gelatin (pills). The general cellular investment was but little altered; the amount of enlargement varies smaller than natural) to more than twice that mg j the colour may also be changed; the consistence varies from softening to semi-cartilaginous; marked vascularity is uncommon. It is far from obvious why the acid weakens only certain vessels just as it is far from obvious why it assails only certain joints. This pestilence was considered to be the progenitor 300 of the Oriental plague. Nor in many instances are we able to say in a given case to which class it will ultimately belong. On the other hand, a member of the public may, with the authorization of the Court, or of the comptroller, and on payment of a fee, inspect, but not copy, the design (b). Even though there apparently be unconsciousness in concussion, still you then have a power of arousing the brain, as was done in this boy's case; but you cannot so influence the brain, which has suffered sufficient structural injury, as to cause symptoms of compression. He continued his fresh air and nourishment.

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