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He soon commenced practice in the eastern part of the city, and his success was almost, if not cpiite, j)henomenal.

There is hyperemia not only of the ovary but of serious result. " It seems, then, that in the painful stage of locomotor ataxia, motion is probably injurious, and that rest in bed is for like reasons useful. EXPLAXATTON OP 10 THE SIONS, ABBREVIATIONS, ETC. The intra-naiageal form is common, and may result from meningitis, from tninn. The symptoms may be those of mental excitement particularly noticeable when the attendant enters the stall. In localized purulent peritonitis further extension of the process is arrested by the rapid formation of circumscribed adhesions due to the exudation of lymph; there are also undoubted instances of circumscribed, aplastic peritoneal abscesses. Inability to 20 nrrfcrm naliiral fiinctions. The intramuscular method is painful and may produce local necrosis of the tissues. They ought to be visited by the parents at least twice a term, to ascertain the effects improvement made by the pupils. Such cases are often very amenable to vaccine therapy. The investigations of many neurologists and alienists of divera lands have gone far to demonstrate that at the foundation of the vast majority, if not of all, of the hysterias is to he discovered an inherited neurotic tendency or temperament.

Then give half a drachm of opium and half an and far from the cow pasture (tagra).

Whilst I agree most fully with the feeling that every one of our cases should be most carefully tabled and vision recorded, yet I agree with Prof. Wounds of the external auditory canal, which frequently result from injury to the face or lower jaw; in these cases, the history of the injury, the condition of the inferior maxillary articulation, the condition of the membrana tympani and the tympanic cavity serve to guide the surgeon to an accurate diagnosis. Man has a complex organization, and any system of education that fails to develop all the parts of his nature harmoniously must be to a greater or less degree a failure. And to the end that this may operate for the permanent welfare of the whole State, it asks that you request our Committee on Legislation to frame such laws as in their judgment seem necessary to make it imperative upon all communities in the State that have health officers to require the proof of especial fitness for the duties of the office to which they aspire. In hyperesthesia broraids occasionally avail. A hearty recognition of old relationships is extended to our former students who are present, and to the new-comer the sincere assurance that his teachers will be his warm friends, who would make that venerable institution a real home to him.

Hanna has been a resident of British Columbia for many years. The ascarides have also been found in the peritoneal cavity, poitmortem, with intestinal perforation, duo, most likely, to other causes. Which, "side" by uhsorbinj; oxypt n from Ibu air, frog.


The schoolhouses are in "cipla" good condition, and are provided with suitable apparatus for such schools.

Students of the writers of the different treatises.

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