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For five years she sought them in almost every European land as well as in Egypt and the Orient, filling her mind with rich stores of knowledge and experience and winning back by degrees the blessed boon of health. Iv., In both cases the disease followed a fall upon the side. The he fought in the War of Independence and while in the army had an attack of parotiditis and one of pneumonia. Sex - weigert holds that the inflammatory exuda tion is coagulated by a ferment derived from the disintegrated leukocytes. From this a sinus pa.ssed through the ulcerated cartilage to the joint.

Exaggerated achilles'-jerk on both sides. The fertilized ovum makes its way through the tube into the uterus and buries itself in the thickened endometrium, which is now called the decidua. In other respects, and all the other viscera, were healthy.

Some "for" of which may be briefly enumerated: (a) Acardia, absence of the chambers to two. If the destruction be only, though during some time, just beyond the normal limit, the system is unable to make away with the products, and albumin appears in the urine. , be spread ovei thi entli pear li n i b better to examine large numbers of p'ii i all pecifled times. Most of the provincial laboratories are already in existence, though most of them are at present undertaking work which will be carried on elsewhere when the female general made assistant commissioner of health. There is a third group "drops" of cases that run a subacute or even chronic course, Avith more moderate elevations of temperature, or, as rarely happens, none at all. Kindly send me your latest hook on the A B C of Motoring," subject When writing Advertisers, please mention The American Journal of Clinical Medicine of artificial foods and cow's milk predisposes to th'eir rapid decomposition.

None has come to my notice, and I am certain that I should have heard of them if any had occurred, because it was done by my advice, and, if infection had taken place, the responsibility would have been thrown upon my I might add here that many men who, soon after marriage or on the point of getting married, find that their gonorrhea, which they thought was perfectly cured, is still uncured, have been advised to adopt this method, and that in no instance was In concluding this paper, I might say that a,bstinence during a long-drawn-out attack of chronic urethritis (an abstinence lasting months or one or two years; for there are cases of urethritis lasting that long) has another injurious effect; namely, it is liable to affect a man's sexual potency. In this city either in connection with the street cars or the various railways centering here. Her - the deposit is limited to the tonsils (im- The pillars of the fauces and uvula are If the creamy deposits unite to form a Removal of the membrane is follovred by continuous layer, removal is either not re-formation within twelve to twentyfollowed by re-formation, or very late. Though the immediate cause is the breaking down of the heart, and the symptomatology is the same in all cases, and therefore the treatment has to be similar in these troubles, the proper method and dose can only be determined after the exact pathologic condition has been recognized.


Humiston said did not explain why a uterus that was three and a half or four inches deep suddenly became bellied out. All of our cars are well ventilated This last description is fairly illustrative of the general methods of car cleaning now in vogue. When emotion entered too largely into his life, then he tended to become distinctly abnormal.

Weil discusses the macroscopic, microscopic, bacteriologic, parasitic, and chemic examination of the feces and adds a chapter on the characteristic pictures in disease. Hobart Amory Hare went on record two months earlier, in the Journal of the of Delegates in condemning the medicinal use of alcohol as being,"in the opinion of many eminent medical men, untrue and not supported by the majority of evidence." And it is probable that the opinions expressed by Dr.

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