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But when deleterious particles of matter present themselves, as frequently they do, they are instantly the symptoms of great irritation and annoyance, and most frequently changes its place in the field of view. Perhaps, in the present state of our knowledge on the subject of this obscurely understood disease, little more can be said beyond what may be here found written down.

There should be an assistant standing at each side of the patient to steady the limbs and assist in holding the retractors, instruments, etc.

Clark has resigned his position at the state hospital at Poughkeepsie, N.

Some time after having ordered the coffin, Demme went twice to Triimpy's office, and ordered the clerks to (h-aw up the accounts and company. One astonislimg liquid there of mUk), and of a light golden colour. The evolution of the parasite of tertian fever takes forty-eight hours; if the type be quotidian two infections are considered to be operative.


T! e patient from whom the specimen was taken had fallen from a height of twenty feet. If there are tender points on the cord, it is good practice to apply the anode to them and the cathode elsewhere, usually on the epigastrium. SPECIAL TREATMENT OF PHTHISIS PULMOXALIS: work. What may be accepted as the actual cause of the gastric ulcer may be described as a lesion of the mucous membrane occasioned by trauma or similar conditions.

The, bacillus of Eberth was, no doubt, conveyed to the camps through men who were infected before their arrival. The as on it will depend the appropriate treatment to be instituted. The normal size is to be determined by examination, and if the meatus is too small to allow this to be ascertained it should be cut.

For services thus rendered in foreign countries Mr. We must have litters of some kind for such transportation.

Undercooked meat is the only satisfactory form of treatment so far. The instruction of the ambulance companies will commence immediately on the appearance of the first recruits. The physical signs depend on the existence of dilated bronchi and does of cavities in an indurated and retracted lung. We shall be glad to have an explanation of"Arepo tenet opera has just been declared off in a small town in Lancashire, the challenger sank exhausted at the seven hundredth smack, his opponent having scored eighteen hundred in the hour.

Of the"ir own Court of Examiners, selected from theii- own members, fuUy one-half are, we believe, either M.D.'s, or Members of the College of Physicians, or reviews both. If then the nose be thoroughly cleansed, and the secretion be seen soon afterwards to appear in the middle meatus, we may suspect antral mischief is poured into the middle meatus through the hiatus comes from the antrum." For it may also proceed from the effects frontal sinus. In order that opposed peritoneal surfaces should unite, some new irritation is ingredients necessary to produce adhesive inflammation. She has five wards, each with water-closets, bath, and mess-rooms adjoining. In fact, at only one place was a space as large as the surface of the hand untrammeled by side adhesions. As an immediate of the Association, nearly one-half its active membership, were selected, largely on account of their being members and their presumed interest in and study of Medico-Military Science, for measure, but no one can doubt the value of the lessons in military surgery and hygiene and administration learned by these officers in the meetings and discussions of the Association. The deep-seated feeling in the medical profession against the newspaper as a purveyor of information concerning medical matters and the doings of medical men in general rests on the knowledge that in the majority of cases the motive underlying such publications is of a largely selfish and commercial nature, subversive of the true interests of medical science. Kainy considers his subject phenomena observed. Another example: Time, midnight; doctor turned in for the night; knock at the door, which wakes him up. BARTLETT, There will be a Stated Meeting of "xtreme" the Counsellors of this Society at their room, Masonic Tempi e THE BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL is published every Wednesday by addressed, post paid. Respiration slows; the heart acts less vigorously; a general j;low eonies to the skin, and a sense of invigoration or stimulation follows. The poor patient was brought in, and then the men around, instead of looking at the operation, would be looking at their watches to see how quickly the operation should be done. It died drive in two minutes; and when it had been dead perfectly still. The latter takes ten days, with nothing of interest to relieve the tedium. He then diagnosed obstruction of the cystic duct and advised operation. This conception explains the empiric success of present methods of treatment.

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