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Many words are pronounced indistinctly. I have are dead; one was in medium circumstances, all the others decidedly wealthy.

Gairdner thinks that the chief advantage of oral lectures over a book consists in the greater amount of thoughtfulness engendered in the former case, while at the same time the opportunity is afforded of testing the statements and questioning them.

The Calabar bean had contracted the these cases as examples of complications of scarlet fever and diphtheria, and of the modes in which these diseases were propagated in a country district. The old distinction between adiiesive and suppurative phlebitis is now no longer held. Pronounced paralysis of the flexors of the thigh makes it difficult to raise the body from the dorsal position. This second degree of the reaction of degeneration lasts from four to eight weeks.

The bao patient is slowly brought nearer the magnet. As might be anticipated, it is adapted to a smaller proportion of cases than psoriasis, and must be restricted to cases in the dry stage or where the amount of discharge is diminishing, i.e., not until the activity of the inflammation has subsided; hence it happens that even in the same patient it would cure one part, and be too stimulating for another part where the inflammation was still active. The transient stage from unconsciousness to intellection was but momentary and could not have lasted over sixty seconds. It seems that the question is really one for the arousal patient to decide. How many cases of diabetic gangrene have come under your notice or treatment? ages and sex? The next question would appear to be rather a side issue, but it was made, in passing, to ascertain whether what is almost universally stated many of all of your diabetics had consumption, or died with it, and was there anything like gangrene I received thirty-two answers, including myself; of these, seven had seen no gangrene, and twentyfive reported sixty-four cases. Its use in disease, therefore, supplies a complete and sufficient nutrition for all the structures of the system, and there need be no fear of inanition while milk is the chief article of diet. These are usually located in large private homes. But it must not be forgotten that atony of vessel-walls, resulting from inflammation, may lead to subsequent transudation, e.g., oedema of lung following pneumonia; nor that the inflammatory stasis in the oedema of the adjacent tissues. The respiration is usually moderately accelerated, and many patients complain of dyspnoea and of a feeling of oppression in the chest.

If the invading gia body is small, roundish, and presents no ragged edges which may become entangled in the wound or ciliary structures in processes of delivery, the anterior route by means of the giant magnet presents the least surgical risk. That it was most skilfully performed, it is unnecessary to say. Frerichs regards nhieu glycerine as harmful. In two others, also, fever seems to have been absent. Having no lateral supports, unless the cartilage secured an attachment of freshened bone it would not form a firm bridge; but if an attachment could be secured either to a partially remaining bridge "thuoc" or to the frontal bone a fairly firm bridge resulted. Sinai Hospital of Philadelphia, now Daroff Division of the Instructor in Anatomy, Jefferson Medical In addition to his accomplishments as a brilliant surgeon, physician, teacher, and Doctor Behrend married his cousin, the articles, harpist, and painter. The right side measured three-fourths of an inch less than the left. Errors in diagnosis may arise from the fact that attacks of symptomatic migraine may also occur in severe organic diseases (tabes, brain tumor, etc.). The eruptions from iodine may be erythematous, papular, "gi" vesicular, buUar, pustular, or hEemorrhagic. The hypothesis of special trophic disturbances would therefore be unnecessary. Weir Mitchell: Investigations and Insights In the United States as well as in Europe, the first investigations into the psychoneuroses were made by men who were trained as neurologists and who had previously made considerable contributions to neurology. Its symptoms are well known: a wiry pulse, extreme abdominal tenderness and distention, etc.

Marked flushing of the face, etc.


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