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Reviews - died, in l.ibby Prison, of the toes, eighteen amputations in the tarsal or metatarsal bones.

In the resolution of a pneumonic exudate, in the liquefaction of a purulent collection, in the disintegration of malignant tumors and in the serious damage of organs by disease (phosphorus poisoning, acute yellow atrophy of the liver), the total protein metabolism of the body will be increased by this Loss of Nitrogen in Fever, Etc. But his active mind would not let him remain long idle, and he took charge of an established school in Newark. In lues and in tumors of the liver the inability to handle levulose is less pronounced, while in chronic passive congestion no marked tendency to alimentary levulosuria is present. Continued coughing also seems to favor the development of emphysema at the lower and anterior borders of the lungs, partly from the unusual inspiratory effort and partly from the associated closure of the bronchi on expiration. At patient begins to spit blood, which, however, was stopped upon the application of simple means. It is especially common in schools and similar institutions where large numbers of children are thrown much other. Taute infected himself with trypanosomes being of the Rhodesian type; there was no bad efiect. On a peculiar form of dissecting aneurism of the thoracic aorta, Macilwain's, Mr. They support this view by pointing to the degenerative changes, as evidenced by imperfect staining reaction, exhibited by such parasites as persist in the blood after administration of quinine has been commenced.

The stump plus was in a gangrenous condition.


When the ulcer is located in the stomach it tends to produce a spasm of the neighboring ring of gastric muscle. When autolysis is rapid the blood and urine often contain the products of protein disintegration in increased amounts. The most important action of alcohol, however, is upon the nervous centers, producing somnolence and a less perfect nervous control of the mechanism which guards against heat losses.

Bayonet Wounds of the Knee Joint Bayonet Wounds of the Metatarsals The fatality of these wounds as indicated in the table is small, perhaps exceedingly so when it is considered that these injuries derive their importance from their tendency to excite inflammatory action in deep-seated tissues and cavities, with the danger of forma to hand skirmishes between cavalry during the late rebellion were not at all infrequent; but the pistol and carbine were more commonly relied upon. Home states that liquids drunk by the animal pass at once into the second stomach, the entrance, at that period, into the first being closed. The mother says that when the boy takes worm medicines his condition is temporarily improved. In twenty-seven cases tetanus appeared on the first day; but twenty-one of these were cases of tetanus following amputations, so that in reality it only appeared in six cases within the first twenty-four hours after the original injury, and it may here be stated that, with the exception of a small number of cases, tetanus in cases of amputations invariably followed within a few days after the operation. It does not appear that the blood had any odour of prussic acid, although this odour, or rather a sensation which some experience in smelling the acid instead of odour, i. As a result the muscle may become fixed in the new position, so that even though the strain be relieved or the muscular weakness disappear the ventricle remains permanently larger than before. Occasionally, clots even are If in a case of moderate infection the urine be passed into a glass and held up to the light, minute flocculi, or coiled-up mucoid-looking threads, will be seen floating about in the fluid. They are correctly kept; particularly that the medical history sheets are carefully attended to, and the entries as to vaccination and revaccination duly made; and will ascertain that all cases of interest, as well as all in which extras (except"diet drinks") have been given, with the reason for giving the same, have been fully recorded in Queen's Regulations and Orders for the Army (latest Queen's Eegulations and Orders for the Army (latest any epidemic, infectious, or contagious form of disease has appeared in the station or broken out in hospital what measures were taken for its prevention and mitigation.

I removed carefully every portion of the fractured bone and other foreign matter, being careful to smooth up the ragged edges of bone. WATSON, the arrangements for removing the wounded from the field of battle. Subsequently, amputation in the leg was description of the injury and its results:"The buy man was wounded in the left leg by a niinie ball, which was found to have struck the tibia anteriorly, causing compound comminuted days later, several loose fragments of bone having been removed and the extent of the injury tibia, with tibia, and including the shaft to within less than an inch from the ankle joint.

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