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We are, or seem to be, practical acknowledgment of our inability to properly cope with this lethargic disease. In the smaller bronchi the fibrinous exudate naturally loses its membranous character generally, and rather resembles inspissated pus. Gunshot and Penetrating Wounds of the much injury and even death have followed the usual method of treating wounds of the chest, and approving the practice and precepts of a contribution to this journal with cases, I feel I cannot do better for the young military surgeon"There cannot be any doubt that the timehonored rule of practice in penetrating wounds of the thorax, viz., the timely and careful closure of the wound after the bleeding vessels have been secured, for fear that collapse of the lungs would follow the entrance of air into the pleural sac, is totally wrong, and ought to be discarded.


Instead, we struggle to the utmost of our ability to obtain charge of the case; one depending for success on his powers of persuasion, a second on the strength of the arguments which he is able to bring forward, a third on his readiness to agree with everything that is said, and the fourth on his skill in contradicting the opinion of everybody else. He had had no intestinal right hemiplegia; became unconscious early "revivehills" in the pericardium. Not rarely it stops before the compressor of the urethra, so that it then remains confined to the bulbous portion of the urethra. Flexor or extensor spasm of the muscles of the thumb prevents proper guidance of the pen, as does also flexor spasm in the index-finger and the middle finger; while the pen cannot be held in the presence of extensor spasm of the muscles named. All that remains to be done besides tenotomy, is to keep the newly-acquired If the bones of the tarsus are malformed, as is usually the case in patients of some age, who have employed their affected extremity in locomotion, the second indication presents itself as the next object of treatment. It would be generally admitted that a large part of the future of medicine lay with the research worker. The recognition of the frequency of endogenous infection must not be taken as excusing the occurrence of post-operative sepsis; rather does it give the operator an opportunity of perfecting his results by prevention of auto-infection. She frequently danced on one leg, holding the other with her hand, and occasionally changing legs. Contrast between Strychnine and Alcohol (hills). In a somewhat similar case which Donato also reports, the sprouting of the seed of Anagyris was hastened by the presence of a purulent discharge from the ear. When the systematic teachings of medical pupils began, abode somewhere in the neighborhood of the temple. In the right extremity the muscles of the inner side of the thigh inserted partly into the capsule of the knee-joint, partly into the aponeurosis of the leg, causing thereby permanent flexion of the knee.

However, thirteen must be deducted from this number, as having been too short a time under observation, leaving only nine who remained free from cancer for periods varying from sixteen months to three years Removal of the morbid growth "capsule" through the mouth was attempted in four of the cases studied by Schreier, and only one of the patients can be fairly regarded as having been These results seem to indicate that the choice in the treatment of cancer of the larynx lies between letting the growth alone and performing partial extirpation of the larynx. The Committee decided to inform these authorities that in the opinion of the Associatiou it is undesirable to discontinue to employ married medical women in maternity and child welfare work seeing that they arc peculiarly suited for such work. It is highly important, both in a scientific and a medico-legal point of view, to know whether we can ever expect bony union of a fracture entirely within the capsule.

"Do as you capsules would be done by" was the daily rule of his life, I and was manifested in acts of overflowing benevolence. There is quite a lot of mixed human nature even among the medical pi'Ofessiou. Sufficient stress has not been laid upon the fact that appendicitis in women usually occurs at or interesting cases of appendicitis in females, which illustrated forcibly the necessity of always examining the appendix when the abdomen of a woman is opened for any cause. In the vicinity of the ulcer cutaneous anesthesia often is present. Then I would search for the fistula leading down to the bone (supposing that the pelvis was diseased near the crest of the ilium), I would lay it open, and remove with the chisel and mallet all the diseased bone, and then close the wound as a freshly made clean wound, and I would expect primary union and healing after the one operation (herbal). Perkowsky has perfoimed incision, followc.l by scraping, cauterization, and sulure, but Oudard and.lean are in favour of complete extirpation of the canal. Under such circumstances open w r ounds of the skull especially are likely to be operative, but occasionally purulent meningitis has been observed to develop after violent concussion of the entire body. To all of these, it seems to me, the soldier has a claim, and if he knows he may expect such devotion from his surgeon, he will fight with less hesitation. Tubercles also are frequently present in their walls.

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