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Demy Open-Air Studies in Geology: An Gardiner, C. It is unfortunate that this attitude and the popular interest in sanatoria have led to neglect of this type of patient, and that the great importance, from the standpoint of prevention and sanitary control, of caring for these sources of infection is not more fully realized. Denial Davices rx Not Being Ciaailfled at Hi Summary of Commenla on CUtalficailont' i.

For tn,-ing out the reaction movements in the wrist joint, the subject places his right forearm over the back of a chair and holds it firmly with the left hand. From a comparative standpoint we can easih' determine the age of human embryos within four weeks. Small quantities were given, and that after the patients had been under treatment some time, so the results are not cane-sugar was given was almost the same as when laevulose the diabetic diet, but this patient was probably doing so well that the addition of a little sugar to his diet made no difference; for we have seen that probably the laevulose made but little alteration, and the glycosuria continued to diminish even when a little dextrose or little potato was added to the continued to improve, for the daily average excretion of days. The ears distance from the head, and the least movement causes the skin to crack in the angle of junction with the head. Gradenigo examined the contents of the internal ear and of the pharynx, and also the nerves that pass through the ear, and in a number of instances of tuberculous meningitis he found tubercle bacilli in these places, and he regarded these bacilli as passing out from the cranial cavity along Concerning the arterial changes, it may be said that in addition to the ordinary extra-vascular lesions, which are familiar to all, it was possible in all the cases to demonstrate changes in the intima of the smaller of medium-sized arteries that have to be regarded as primary and as due to the direct implantation of tubercle bacilli into the intima.


Curve y J, shows the irrltjibllity caused in different parts of the nerve during the How of a weak current; v S, by a medium current; ii s, by tlie strongest impassable for an irritation developed in it higher up; and he proved that this was true for mecJiiiuical and chemical as well as for electrical stimuli. Arnold, and another on"The Use of effects Caustics of long bones, and Dr. Patients who ingredients have recently bled from the lungs should postpone any thought of flying because of the danger of reopening the blood vessel. A little amazon of this weight after delivery. Arrilicial respiration was then begun and was continued without avail fur twenty minutes. Coast Erosion and Ball, Sir capsules R. There is much difficulty in reaching a conclusion on this point, which is one of some interest to friends of the University of Maryland, but on a careful study of the list of names of licentiates eliminate from consideration all but these six (reviews). He was a genial companion, a good campaigner, and a valuable officer. Canada - this is an inaccurate method, but it provides a rule of thumb which gives some criteria that can be employed easily. The third coat is known as the muscular coat, being made of muscular fibres, and is situated between the two coats already mentioned. An Essay The Development of "90" Moral Theories of the Universe. In almost all cases it is possible to diagnosticate disease in the posterior fossa through exact examination of the patient. She was kept on a course of hygienic treatment, and all remedies and appliances that would correct the digestion, improve the circulation, tone up the system and contribute to the improvement of the mental condition were employed. There is no reason why the Amekican Medical Association should receive less consideration from these corporations than other organizations.

Twenty-four of the ectopic gestations that were operated on were not diagnosed prior to the opening of the abdominal cavity; It is obvious that the doctors caring for this review group of patients are in real disagreement with the of the group, were correctly diagnosed only after periods of observations ranging from two hours to two weeks time. In the soft ptilate there were ulcers with unclean bottom and raised concave edges. If depletion and the means enumerated do not afford prompt relief, and if the drumhead is seen to be bulging and Infiltrated, an incision should be made at once through the tense tissues. The Metallurgy of Gold, Silver, and Platinum. Press upon the spring tmtil the purple solution appears, then shut off the flow, hold the tip one-quarter inch from the meatus, press upon the spring and allow the fluid to flow gently into the meatus. Finally, the eleetrotonic effeels are the stronger the nearer the part of the nerve examined lo the region through which the battery current is flowing, which would not be Irue of To any mie familiar with Ihe tendency of electrical currents lo spread through mnisl ccinduclors, the first thought is, that electrolouie currents are due to the ordi the demarcation currenl in the nerve; arrow tl' shows ihe direction direction of the anelectrotonic current in the nerve; arrow a' the direction of this current in the pilvanometer circuit; arrow c, the direction of the catelectrotonic current in the nerie; arrow c', the direction of this current in the Kalvanoineter circuit.

Side - "He would have esteemed it a debasement of skill and knowledge to make the acquisition of money the prime object of his exertions" (Chew). This is brought about by the fact that the vestibular nerve, after passing through the vestibular ganglion, enters Deiter's nucleus. A recent remedy, mesantoin, which is valuable, has not been buy discussed. Descent, was boru iu Nova Scotia, has lived iu the States for the last six years, is by trade a dressmaker.

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