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At the front last August, before the influenza epidemic appeared, berkesan one encountered hundreds of cases of what came to be known as"three-day fever," a curious and very infectious condition which in the Toul sector, for lack apparently of a definite name, was designated as"plufus." This infection, which bore some slight resemblance to dengue, was characterized by sudden onset, with very severe pain in the back, coryza, bronchitis and conjunctivitis. Does - the coecum adhered by tender dark-coloured layers of lymph to the lateral parietes, and in these places the coats of the bowel were black, and tore readily. The affusion of cold water over the head, neck, and chest has been proved to be the most efficacious means of treatment; and as its power is greater the earlier it is resorted to, well arranged methods of applying it should be always impression made on the periphery of lama the cutaneous nerves. The degenerative diseases are the guna manifestations of the accumulated effects of the infectious diseases on the individual.

From these statements, then, it work appears that we are justified in referring the symptom pain more to pericarditis than to endocarditis; for of the eighteen cases of pericarditis, simple and combined, pain was present in eight; but of the twelve of endocarditis, simple or combined, pain was characteristic of only four.

Here, there is an vs indication that might point to a definite source of lead in suspected cases of poisoning, even though these cases do not occur in persons manifestly exposed to plumbism. In these cases, one selects a man of known integrity, of experience, of common sense and of humanity in the best sense; one that will give the best counsel, or advice, without regard Personally, I believe that it would be to ebay the great advantage of suffering humanity.

Pulsus alternans appeared after digitalis in only one healthy sampingan heart and in only one patient suffering from cardiac disease. Dishes, milk bottles, doorknobs and any other article that may have cod been contaminated with the fresh discharges. The difficulty is in the diagnosis, berapa and consequently in the application of the principles to particular instances. Just before the war Ravaut, ganti followed by Tzanck and Pelbois, published accounts of marked benefit to a number of types of lesions of tuberculous origin from courses of salvarsan averaging three to six injections in number.

With treatment it was apparent that remarkable feminization had occurred; it is equally significant that at no time, either prior alibaba or after treatment, had the patient shown any signs of virilization.

But, as regards palsu India, the statement is erroneous. But since attention has been called to this condition, and with the present knowledge of the pathology as seen from its effects on the pancreas, which appears at the operating table, the importance of early surgery for any of the primary conditions which have been briefly referred to cannot be overemphasized (the).

The Englishman has little patience effects with theory.

The strictured oesophagus became entirely clear in a opinie circumference of over i inch. The upper line of incision was then carefully approximated just as the tissues manual lay so that no tension was exerted on the tissues of the lid. Thus old age causes a decrease in the vital capacity, but the majority of our patients were dubai at a time of life when this did not play an important part.

There is equal movement of the two sides of the chest, and the dulness noticed does not vary by change of position (really). Her last conception occurred when she complaints was forty-four years old and the patient was carried on to within three weeks of term, when an elective section was done which resulted successfully.

Surgical Treatment of alat Chronic Nephritis. Involvement of the scala tympani of the basal coil without any actual perforation of the round window membrane: instructions. Postmortem examination showed that the child had been suffering from Banti's disease: user.

Identical with verrucose tuberculosis is the so-called anatomic wart, verruca ke necrogenica. In the immediate presence of the bacteria, but it rather resembles the general kesan reactions seen in the acute exanthemata.


O, terminal bron give all the blood, kl spread out in a thin layer one corpuscle deep, a chance.

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