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There was a decrease of the red blood corpuscles gold and an increase of the leucocytes. Riva Monti, an Italian medical woman, has been appointed to the chair of comparative anatomy at the Universitv' of Pavia. It is good againfl Pain and Gnawing at the Stomach, and provokes Appetite: taken after Eating, it helps Digeftion, expels Wind, and is good for fuch as are troubled with the Spleen. The Jirfl, or Common Sea Holly, has a Root of an admirable hength, even to eight or ten feet long, fo that it can fcarcely ever be all pulled up, and about the Thicknefs of a Man's f inger, fet with Knots, Rings or Circles here and there towards the upper part, but fmooth and without Joints down lower, brownifh on the out fide, and very white within, with a Pith in the middle, of a very Ipring up feveral Leaves, broad, almolt like to Mallow Leaves, but cornered on the edges, and deeply dented or cut in, fet round about with hard Prickles, (harp-pointed, and alfo a little crumpled, fat, of a blewifh white, of an Aromatick or Spicy fade, and each Handing upon a long Foot-Hulk, but they which grow up higher with the Stalk, do as it were encompafs it at the bottom: thefe Leaves are gentle, or nothing fo hard and prickly as when they grow older. I need not tell you that stimulants were used boldly. George's Hospital, of which he is also a consulting surgeon. Its Root creeps not as the others do, but is hard, and fomewhat woody, with many fmall Fibres fpringing from the fides thereof. The simple term"enteric fever," which is the name now generally preferred, was principally advocated by the late Professor Wood of Philadelphia, whose explanation concerning his choice of name was as follows:"It is merely intended," he said,"to express the fact that this fever is distinguished from all other idiopathic fevers by the frequency and extent of the intestinal disease. The daily individual ration is platinum Daily Ration.

Braun, Hofmeister and others have used this constriction on ivhen he states that it is not infection that has caused the jangrene of the gum, but it may be simply the injection of fluid.vhich constricts the tissues, especially the tissues of the gum ivliich, if constricted for a' sufficient length of time, will proluce necrobiosis and consequent necrosis of those tissues. The temperature the disease dated pill back one week. It is very fubtil and penetrative, and pierces more than the Oil does. Sterility is shown to be the fault of the husband in at least one-sixth of the cases, and hence this subject deserves especially careful study. In the other patient, on the contrary, you saw most notable deformity. It grows much on dry heathy Grounds, and being a fmall fort of Moft, it rifes up with fevered hard Stalks of fmall Jhort Leaves-, and at the top, many cth-rs fet thick and rotnd like a is a (mall Mofs which grows upon Rocks and Stones, a ni Scarcely rifes above an Inch in height, having many (mail, pale, green, Jharp pointed Leaves,, fet at the tops of their fmall Stalks, in manna of a Role, fprcadmg forth like a little Star. The development of the disease is slow, the phases becoming well 2000 marked later. Of internal remedies, the decoction of bark, with ammonia and spirit of chloroform, is most frequently indicated: or moderate doses of turpentine may be employed with good effect.

The fundus was soft and flexible, the cervix long and rigid, with a hard nodule the size of an almond on the anterior lip, two smaller nodules on the posterior lip and sides, and a fourth at the inner OS includmg over one-half of the circumference of the cervix at that point; and on incision the cervix was found more or less indurated and affected throughout Before operation it was thought that the condition of the cervix was sucli that, if pregnancy existed, the growth of the tumor in the next six months, till childbirth, would be such as to prevent the dilatation of the cervix and necessitate a Caesarean section, with the death of the mother then or shortly after, though probably with a living child; and the condition ol the cervix after removal was found to justify this opinion.


Term; in both the os had been dilated and the child delivered with forceps; both patients were recovering. It was only after he was so deeply cinchonized that he could hear a watch at two inches that his fever was conquered, and with it hsematuria ceased. The alleged condition is a curious one, and suggestive in many ways other than the medicolegal one specially SUPERSTITIOUS EXPECTOEATIOX. One of the most prominent and original of the investigators in this field is Jacques Loeb, in the Hull Physiological Laboratory of the University of Chicago. May never get rapid transit, a World's Fair, or a straight census, but it is advertised to have a lady from Missouri, eight feet high; a fat woman, weighing nine hundred and nineteen pounds; and a two headed giant, eleven feet tall. Uvula, soft palate, epiglottis, and aryepiglottic folds are seen to be extreme swollen and oedematous, more or less red, showing in some cases small ecchymoses.

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