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You can get at the real essence of the brute. Physical examination including chest films practiced by many organizations as a personnel policy should he encouraged and broadened.

Drawing it down again, this time outside of the body, to my dismay I discovered returned the organ, and was delighted to find one horn rise into place: max. The sphincters are The only known fietiological factor in Pseudo-hypertrophic Muscular Dystrophy is heredity, the influence of which is very decided. The principal aim of the service in both armies is to prevent disease and injuries in every possible way. The French Veterinary Service was not properly organized and outlined before hostilities began. The ladies visiting the city with the members of the Association were given a round of pleasure and sightseeing by the ladies of Philadelphia. Cautions: Reduce dosage of concomitant anti'ertensive agents by one-half. The dressing consists of a few narrow layers of gauze covered with collodion, then a few more layers of gauze, then cotton, and a bandage. She was a virgin, but it was not the hymen which opposed the entrance of my finger into the vagina, but the upper bulging of the posterior vaginal wall. After about six weeks this exact effect was obtained, in spite of the fact that the parents persisted in bringing it to my office through all the changes of climate, cold and damp weather, with constant intermissions, when the weather reviews was so intolerable that to venture out was out of the question. These were sufficient for him to recognize them. Then, too, often there was no pain and no hemorrhage in these cases until they were beyond hope. I say"'cool" because I doubt the advisability of using ice c-old water in cases like these, for you can not use the water so long and freely without some real risk of producing an undue chilliness. Grauer, who pronounced the disease to be round-cell sarcoma, involving the entire section of the bowel and the mesentery, and declared it to be very malignant, and sure to recur.

There is no history of tuberculosis or carcinoma. '' Richardson says:" In a large number of cases of general peritonitis, verified by bacteriologic examination, the result with hardly an exception has been fatal in my hands under any method of treatment. The work of the Pathological Division of the Bureau. The influence of heredity makes itself felt principally until the age of about ten years. The shell-gland is comparatively large, at times distinctly in the clear near the anterior apex of the vitellarium and at times apparently in contact with the vitellarium or occupying an invaginalion at the anterior apex of the vitellarium.


If, however, the symptoms of intense obstruction or progressive septic infection should become very marked, an operation may be imperative. I believe that this practice should be discontinued, and if it is necessary to give them credit, give them credit in animal husbandry, milk inspection and agricultural bacteriology, and things of that kind in which they are proficient, but make them get in the very beginning those things which The President: Are there any further remarks on this subject? Dr. Gurgling was several times heard ingredients at the seat of the tumor during an attack of colic. This knowledge therefore renders his opinion in many cases of great value to a patient before the calling in of a specialist, and on this account I shall endeavor to show that dental caries comes largely within the category of ills of which the medical adviser should of Jacksonville, Illinois, have demonstrated beyond any question that bacteria are present in all decay of the teeth, and their conclusion has been generally accepted that micro-organisms are the cause of dental decay. In subsequent cases, in order to shorten the period of convalescence, he had gone above the condyles, and done a regular Macewen osteotomy. The pupils are normal and the cranial nerves are Since his entrance into the hopital he has run a sHght fever off and on up to the present time. The consistency was moderately II. The after-treatment consists in strictly fluid diet.

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