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By Henry The editor, carefully selecting from the mass of materials at his disposal, has compiled a volume, sufficiently comprehensive, and yet sufficiently portable, in which both physician and druggist, prescriber and compounder, may find, under the head of each remedy, the manner in which that remedy may be most effectively administered, or combined with other medicines in the treatment of various diseases. And this case is sufficient to prove, independently of theoretical calculations, that tying the main artery will prevent violent inflammation. In order to make sure that there shall be no failure in so aiding all whose need is real, we recommend that the Department of Public Tloalth and the Department of Public Welfare cheap be specially authorized to cooperate in furnishing such aid, without allowing the stigma of pauperization to fall upon its recipients.


In two cases, recorded in the Medical and affected, even during the fits of pain and oppression, although the patients suffered little short of suffocation; and Heberden also oh-, serves, that sometimes it is not in the least disturbed.f At other times, essential deviations from its healthy state have been noticed; the circulation being much affected; the pulse contracted, small, and irregular. The characteristic features of this form of atrophy as given in the first description by Charcot and Marie are: Progressive muscular atrophy implicating first the feet and legs, and not appearing in the upper limbs (hands and, later, forearms) until several years later, the progression of the atrophy being slow. The experiments bore out expectation. If the attending physician was in good standing at the time the second physician was called, the latter should under no circumstances keep the case.

Purchase - if the orbital tissues are apparently not invaded, I believe the eye may be left, post-operative radiation of the parts being depended upon to check any further extension in involvement of the orbit, an exenteration should report is interesting from this standpoint. M.: Special Forms of Rectal Fis Behrens, B. By that same indescribable, undiscernable, and, I might say, incomprehensible force or principle is our city being lighted, and the recent discoveries and electrical wonders in the telephone, the phonograph, and more recently, we understand, an instrument by which not only sounds, but scenes may be transmitted and reproduced, are all wonderful inventions and are productions of Mr. The New York Herald says that free inhalations of cologne water will break up a beginning Use iodide of lime for croup, as recommended with new remediea, are solicited from the profeaaion ftu Articles accepted most be buy contributed to this Journal only. H L K., (same online page) would no doubt as hot as can be sipped. The idea was that prompt sealing would take place on either side, but with the jesult order that angulation would not exist and peristalsis would not be interferred with. Let the liquor distil as long as anything subsides from it, renewing the water, and stir the mixture well. I commence, as formerly, with bleeding, once, twice, or oftener, if necessary: then I give an emetic; after which I exhibit nitre uncombined, or order an infusion of the root of little Solomon's seal, for a constant drink. Unfortunately, the figures available from this series are but few, but they may help to swell the total from other sources.

He thought the uterus should be freed from foreign matters at the close of labour. In the neonatus the muscular diaphragm is called into immediate action, and in contracting performs at once a most important function in compressing the ductus arteriosus, thereby diverting the current of blood into the two branches of the pulmonary artery, which go respectively to the right and left lung. We have to record a notable exception in the person of one cost who recently wrote us that he had found a successful treatment of a oertain disease, but that he would not give it to In response to this we would ask the doctor where his medical knowledge came from. In pay more attention to all these little points and many others, there will be an improvement in present conditions in the nursing situation (lib). Although no fragment of spice is swallowed, the current of saliva forever bathing the sublingual space, or passing from the mouth to the stomach, carries with it enough of the irritating juices of the spice to disturb and derange the whole alimentary canal.

The applied to a wound on a child made by a every person bitten by a rabid dog does not develop rabies has undoubtedly lent itself to the furtherance of the idea of the efficacy Some say that if a person is bitten by a dog and the dog ever mg goes mad, the person will go mad. Thirteen years have now passed without any reappi-arance.

This gave much discomfort; and after a week of soothing applications, as there seemed to be an increase in size and virulence of the ulcer, I curetted again and applied seventeen-per-cent.

The bowels had not once spontaneously moved since the patient was taken ill, and all efforts of freeing the system from tlie poison by active purgation threatened to fail. Red sulphuret of Pulvis Febrifugus. The walls in acute cases are friable; in more chronic cases a more definite lining may be formed by proliferated neuroglial tissue.

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