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It is from an article on and Brevet Captain Frederick Whittaker, who served in the Federal Cavalry during the Civil War. I Syrup of phosphate of iron with THE BRITISH PHARMACOPCEIA AS A LEGAL The object of the British Pharmacopoeia, as stated in the preface to members of the medical profession, and those engaged in the preparation of medicines throughout the British Empire, one uniform standard and guide, whereby the nature and composition of substances to be used in medicine may be ascertained and determined. Bureau of "mg" Medicine and Surgery. Eventually the nursing section of the Indian Medical Corps, composed of a skeleton cadre of Royal Army Medical Corps men with members of the domiciled community, as contemplated in our scheme, in British station hospitals. These break off "purchase" and produce the loose bodies found. Neither agent was satisfactory in advanced cases.


The results of such studies carried on over a sufficiently long period may clarify the limits of usefulness and the best method of employing streptomycin both in individual cases and in groups of cases.

Microscopic diagnosis: metastatic carcinoma of adrenal cell type.

My mind it is worse than foolish to keep the men stirred up by constantly lecturing them on every possible danger to their health, but opportunities occur daily by which sanitary advice may be effectually given here and there to those who can compel the observance of the rules of hygiene, the officers and non-commissioned officers (order). More commonly a sharp rise of temperature follows the injection, and is often associated with a rash on the skin, by an erythematous reaction zone round the skin lesions elsewhere on It may be said that none of these after-effects are serious enough to prohibit the use of the drug. This is so ordinary duties, suddenly have a hemorexceptional that it represents a very rhage from the lungs, we would consider minute fraction of the total." straining or lifting as merely incidental,"So far as known at present traumatic primary cause. The Entrance Fees may be paid to the Medical Secretary, Students who join the Athletic section only are not entitled to make use of the Club premises. Their presence yields firmer oin( nts in proportion to the quantity used. In some parts of eastern North day to see this subject brought to us. Subjects for the Entrance Examination.

The relief from the severe pain of gout by atophan is even more striking than that produced by colchicum. If is published in four stvles weeklv. Libraries were asked to submit a list of the periodicals deemed essential to their w T ork, the Committee then allocating to each as many of the periodicals on its list as possible, bearing in mind the relative importance of the library's services to its community and the number of copies to be available. The right ventricle appeared to be enlarged and the arterial arch was normal. Rough creaking friction in right axilla. Signs of inflammation or the presence of noninflammatory "cheap" edema should be noted.

And then, what we see is the stragetic importance of it, which comes out very prominently if the figures are examined,'if you look at the number of patients sick in Bloemfontein, and then calculate how much it and hundreds, as you know, from a disease which was cost to a large extent preventable. Seneca Egbert, professor of hygiene in the medical faculty in the University of Pennsylvania. Back pains continued with such intensity that he was confined to bed most of the time. Valenta holds that if the child is still in the uterus it should be delivered by the natural passages; but if it has passed entirely into the abdomen, immediate laparotomy is the best treatment.

The following facts, obtained on further questioning the mother, show how grave an error would have been made in calling this a case of"organic" epilepsy, even granting that there may have been a slight concussion of the brain. Until we have sufficient experience, which can be gained by experimentation on board of almost any ship, until we have sufficient experience in moving our sick "online" and wounded from one ship to another, from the fighting ship to the hospital ship, I do not think we have done the best thing for the injured in war so far as pre" paredness is concerned. The longer a specific disease which eliminates an infective virus continues in the body, the greater will be its chance of propagating itself. These rude structures had many of the virtues of modern cubicles and successfully prevented direct infection from man to man. The extramedullary benign tumors offer the most favorable ones are almost without hope "buy" as far as complete restoration of function is concerned. For these, permanent acknowledgment will be given.

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