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Anticholinergic Disturbance of accommodation, paralytic ileus, urinary retention, dilatation of urinary tract. Accordingly, it is possible that the opinion discussed in this article, although representing the current state of the law in Georgia, may be substantially altered or modified by the Supreme Court.

Only in this way can the influence of the profession, vast as it is in the aggregate, be sufficiently concentrtited japan to bring about correspondingly great results. We have had, however, numerous offers of help along all of these lines which we are trying to incorporate into the program as well as we can. The present lack of knowledge as to what Landry's paralysis really is renders such conservatism imperative. Officially, we wish to commend the Committee, not only for the artful manner in which their report was submitted, but also for the extremely tactful approach to the entire (Should there be any questions regarding the exact nature of this report, we will be glad to answer them at another, and more suitable time and place.) Mr.

The tear above mentioned as prolonging the rupture proper down into the stomach was found to be in reality a deep groove between two projecting folds of mucous membrane (mgi).


The bone always yields in the direction in which the greater force is working, and this is often determined by the natural shape of the bone, the tendency being to increase normal curves: spray. Gauze is a very essential thing to have.

In the latter, the symptoms are minimal, if present at all, diagnosis is difficult, but the patients are potential The treatment of thrombophlebitis consists of vasodilatation which quickly relieves the clinical manifestations.

THE MOST EFFECTIVE ANTI-INFLAMMATORY AGENT YET DEVELOPED FOR TOPICAL USE and marital problems. The rectum and bladder were also involved (delay). The prosthesis cannot be altered greatly at this time, as initial healing is taking place and the mouth is still quite sore.

A single case is discussed below, and angiographic and pathologic Andings are reviewed. Post it was a matter of regret that he had not given the father a thorough examination to prove the truth of his statements. The disorder is congenital or acquired.

Now I will bring before you patient number review two.

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