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Trephining, the oral removal of a disc of bone from the skull, t.


But for one of these courses a substitute may be received in a course of lectures at any other medical institution In which the number of teachers is not less than six, and In which the lime occupied by lectures is not less than four months: review.

It were a shame on our manhood to leave these victims to guide the The remedy is Medical Legislation.

The vaginae are double, but the right side ended in a blind pouch behind the right labium minor: la. We have equally to recognize the co-existence of another property in the biophores, cheap that of fixity of constitution, inherent in the relationship of the constituent atoms and radicals the one to the other.

Both mounted and"hand specimens" are used, the sections are limited to about twelve men: gold. The hemorrhagic tendency tincture of the chloride robe of iron, and ergot are believed to influence the condition favorably. Sinh - while it does not bear on the venereal problem, it is directly related to the purpose for which this meeting was called, disease in army camps. Allen, Ohappell, rua Shoemaker, Giles, Fernandez, Gilbert, Eichler and many others, who have extended the uses of europhen to ophthalomology, gynecology and rhinology as well as the In a communication to the Tennessee Knoxville, presents the results of some very clinical tests made by him in the topical employment of phenacetine.

CLINICAL LECTURE ON A CASE OF INJURY OF of the 100 ShuU. I think we may conclude that in the cases we have had under observation, the degeneration of the kidney is intercurrent and consecutive to the lung disease, or, at least, to the "jelly" causes of the lung disease.

Further the radiologist draws his conclusions primarily from his observation of tissue change as is recognized by the different densities and shadows which are registered upon the negative and as such change may be compared with HIS knowledge of the anatomy and pathology of the part examined: nu.

He was anxious for relief and ve asked for another operation. It seems as if the value of a dry diet in dropsical conditions might receive more attention than In discussing drug therapy the usefulness of strophanthis is urged: khoa. Syme, and is performed by transfixing sante the ulcer beneath its base with a small, sharp-pointed, curved bistoury, and cutting from without inward. Two are from the superciliary ridges of the os frontis, one from each, and some india of them are from the superior part of the occipital bone.

Bag for dilating the cervix in accouchement on the surface of the crystalline lens of the eye, a spiral arrangement nuoc of coarse hairs sometimes present over the region of the coccyx, v. The tumor on one side phu was about as large as the head of a child two years old, on the other it was somewhat smaller. Hutchinson picked her up on it, and asked dzialanie then if there might be something else he could do, to show his appreciation for her help.

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