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Containing in their composition the entire nutritious elements of muscular fibre, blood and bone, answer alone to the immortal maxim of Hippocrates, fundamental basis of all good reparative medication," Ars imitatio natura: review.

North's book, on the malignant epidemic, which is called spotted fever, and which he has described with great accuracy and care, no one will hesitate to say, that the present epidemic is a very different disease (before). But stasis of the blood within the metatarso-phalangeal joint of a toe sufficient to cause the excruciating pain of gout is certain to be accompanied by the formation of an anaemic area in and around the joint, and naturally the veins connected with this area of negative pressure get filled by reflux from the contiguous valveless veins: extreme. Enhancement - a large aneurism was found springing from the root of the subclavian artery on the left side, and extending under the sternum; it was filled with layers of firm grayish limph, quite freed from the coloring matter of the blood. Burnt alum fixty grains, hog's greafe half an ounce, well rubbed into an ointment to be fmeared on them in or near the edges of the eye-lids, or in the loofe fkin work of them, and is fometirnes very flow either in coming to fuppuration or in difperfing. For, firft, as the natural difeafe is generally taken by particles of the duft of the contagious matter dried and floating in the air, thefe are liable to does be arrefted by the mucus about the throat and tonfils in their paflage to the lungs, or to the ftomach, when they are previoufly mixed with faliva in the mouth. Good"" was a believer in active medication, as is noticeable in his treatment of quinsy:" After letting blood the throat should soon afterward be gargled with port wine, made still more stimulating by spices or other aromatics, or with strong decoction "and" of bark, rhatany, catechu, very sharply acidulated with mineral acids, the aromatic or pungent cayenne vinegar, or charged with an addition of cayenne pepper in substance.

-The State Board of Medical l-'xaiiiiiHTs consists of six members -four regulars, one (M-h-ctic and how one h()in(K)path and is appointinl of good moral character.

Cough and the movement of effects the cilia can both be artificially stimulated by certain expectorant drugs. I confided these sentiments to my traveling instructions companion. It is secured to the foot by nine nails, five on the outside, and four on the inner side side of the shoe. The secretion from the lungs, when not bloody, was fluid so yellow as to stain linen on which it was received.


He is the author of more than sixty treatises largely dealing with anatomy, and many of them treating of new discoveries: to. In accordance with our previous announcement, we have commenced this issue with a take lithograph of James McClurg, Dr. Even if our observation as to the mild type of syphilis in Jajian be correct, it is impossible to believe after that its effect on the whole people is not profound, and serx'es to explain in some degree the generally admitted fact of the physical inferiority of the race, as compared with Europeans, and also the relative slow increase of the population thus favorably situated, during the last two I would add to these accurate observations of Dr.

THE xl HYGIENE AND DISEASES OF WARM CLIMATES. Yet his success was "cheapskates" immediate and decided.

Stokes, in his treatise on diseases of the chest, describes a very similar one, in which the heart was found pulsating in the right I believe no facts have been adduced which would show that these website displacements of the heart predispose to any structural change in that organ. Afterwards it came upon the city above, (Athens,) where the mortality was much This is something more than slight mention, something too detailed, too much dwelt upon, too minute for an unheeded report (it). The treatment use need not be detailed. The constitutional symptoms were male very severe.

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