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Bosworth lays great stress on the purulent rhinitis of children, as he maintains that it may "effects" be the starting-point of atrophic rhinitis.


The treatment of lead neuritis is largely of palumbo the preventive kind; the time to do something is when lead intoxication is first noticed. Dave - in the countries from which these people conu- amebic dysentery is com mon. Igf - a red, livid, burning, sloughy burning coal.) Anthracia; Anthrocosia; Anthrocoma; Carbunculus; Carbo; Rubinus versus; Codisella; Granatristum; Pruna; Persicus ignus of Avicenna. Finally only a mass of fibrous tissue may "side" remain in the place of the adenoid tissue of the gland (G-. Because these designations are still current in the literature, and because their present omission would result in confusion in a general book uk such as this, they are retained here, much to the author's regret.

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