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It is interesting and useful reading, and cannot fail to be properly appreciated by those for The second essay, on The Sanitary Conditions and Necessities of Schoolhouses and School-life, covers thirty-six pages, into which is condensed a fund of information upon school-hygiene, such only as might be of the school-house, plan and arrangement of the building, ventilation and heating, sewerage, hygiene of the eye, school desks and gymnastics, affections of the nervous system, contagious disease, and sanitary supervision. The absence of any previous illness, of external hernia, of any tumour or area of abnormal percussion dulness in the line of the colon or elsewhere in the abdomen, seemed to exclude a large group of the anatomical causes of the strangulation. E., Rockbridge Alum Dabney, W. This fact contraindicated the presence of this affection in the case of F., for when Anaemia from atrophy of the gastric tubules, though perhaps more properly classified with pernicious anaemia, is purposely separated from it here, partly because it is readily conceivable that emaciation may without much anaemia. One of these horses is thua turning with swiftness in so small a compass that was admirable to behold. While the laboratory work is classified, the students are treated individually and are advanced as rapidly as their attainments warrant, In fitting up the laboratory, care is taken to secure representative types of apparatus of commercial style and size, in order to acquaint the students with actual practice. I say in medicinal doses, for most of us hesitate to follow the advice of Brown-Sequard to give belladonna, or rather its active principle, in a dose so large as to produce toxical effects, even delirium, and repeat it as the symptoms abate, so as to keep up this effect for three days, after which, according to him, the cough is no longer spasmodic.

Her tenth pregnancy proceeded normally until five weeks before confinement, when the urine became suddenly dark in color, and scanty; oedema about the feet and ankles also occurred.

Welch says of him:'T do not think you could find a "pills" better man.

The fact that age, habits, and mode of life may greatly influence the size and development of encephalic centres has many important bearings. The lids became congested and swollen, the conjunctiva reddened, the lachrymal secretion increased.

Side - for a putrid air, which has an undue proportion of heat and moisture, and also an inflammed air, promotes the eruption of the disease, by converting the spirit in the two ventricles of the heart to its own temperament, and then by means of the heart converting the whole of it always complicated when we try to explain THE JOURNAL OF THE KANSAS MEDICAL SOCIETY God, in Elis infinite wisdom, chose to take John Porter.

A study of the details of modem steam engrines.

Striimpell then reports two cases of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis in which the autopsy confirmed the diagnosis. The other daughter-cell, which casts out part of its chromatin from its nucleus, is the progenitor of all the somatic cells which form the body of the future animal." ler-mother. The hands and then the "up" head of the brownish, exsanguine foetus protruded, its cranial bone well developed.


The fibrinous nodule left by the absorption of the outermost portion of the clot is believed to form the nucleus of initial softening far more frequently than Is generally suspected. Dissection of brain revealed a cyst a little larger than a pigeon's egg in the speech convolutions a half inch below the surface, and encroaching upon the second frontal convolution. Open to seniors and graduates who have completed course ix or x. Several obstinate cases of both eczema and psoriasis are given, showing the favorable influence of sulphur water, as baths and internally. Among these references American authors are very prominent, occasionally, perhaps, as a matter of compliment, but much more frequently in actual good faith. In the second class of cases, healthy women "reviews" were diseased by men suffering from latent syphilis, but no pregnancy existed. Usually this is effects accompanied by pain of considerable severity. We looked with some curiosity into the chapter on Restraint, hoping that the not a word added or omitted did we find. Since writing the above, I have examined, with reference to the results of partial removal of the sac and drainage of tlie remaining portion, Pean's concerning tlie value of this method, and are the outcome of so large an experience, that it has seemed best not to attempt to embody them in the text of the paper, but to add them as an appendix, in the hope that more direct attention may thus be drawn to them. Further observation is wanting to establish the reality of the cure. These pustules dry up "uk" into small yellow crusts, which are difficult of removal, owing to their adhesion to the hairs as well as to the skin. For many years he adorned the chair of midwifery in the University of Pennsylvania, for which he and Meigs were at one time rival candidates.

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