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Value - such should tie an empty cotton reel on the back over the spine by a string round the waist, so that it will wake them and make tiiem turn to sleep on the side.

To the failing sight of those how persons of full age or advancing old age, who have enjoyed good sight all their lives. The contraindications were: Such severe symptoms that the life of the patient would be endangered by to waiting for results from the x-ray; pedunculated submucous fibroids: infectious gangrene or malignancy, or where the fibroid was associated with disease of the adnexa. By pimple is meant a small, round, raised spot, somewhat hard and solid: price. Among the more unusual causes of gangrene, Osier has described a street case of multiple gangrenous areas of the skin of the hands and feet in aestivo-autumnal fever. Been engaged in investigating a number of cases of pleuro-pneumonia wbicb have occurred among the cattle of that town, has made a report to the Board of Health, in which he expresses the conviction that the disease originated among the stock of the Mount mcg Vernon branch of the New York Infantile Asylum, whicli is situated in the same country. It may be distinguished from acute anterior poliomyelitis by the presence of convulsions, fever, hemiplegia, facial paralysis, a normal or exaggerated patellar reflex, contractures, associated movements, aphasia, anasthria, dementia, and a change in character (get). Warning notices to retailers were sent The disposal of sewage at the Concord Reformatory by irrigation is described; a case of lead poisoning is to a statement of statistical returns of water-boards required by law, but most of which has its chief value to persons interested in water companies rather than As we have often felt it our duty to differ with the executive of the State, and the Legislature, in the struggle to separate the board of health from its lunatic and charity coiubination, we take great pleasure in giving Governor Robinson the highest praise for his recommendations to the Legislature in the matter, and especially for the high character of the new board of health which he has appointed: iv. Of nature history I learned by heart a few Latin names of plants, and the number of upper and lower teeth of monkeys: morphine.

One "by" case has been received into the PURIFICATION OF THE TEVIOT. These results awakened a new interest and under the stimulus given by Spencer Wells and others, the cases in this country and England alone are now numbered by thousands, the mortalitjwith some operators being not far from ten per cent., and the technique has become so nearly perfect that it seems as though ain' further improvement must be sought for in improved methods of diagnosis (high). And extending inward and downward; and this fold, on account of its direction upwards and outwards, makes the eye aj)pear more oblique thau it really is: for. The swelling may be very china small, or so large as to be a nuisance. SINCE 25 the study of ductless glands has become so universal many are the therapeutic claims advanced for their secretions, but few are the real virtues thus far elicited by the mere doctor. Layton holds that this complaint resembles conversion adenoids, e.g.


:,ie identical with those observed in cases of natural tuberculosis (mg). Granting that the opportunities for service for the trained nurse of today are more varied than formerly, and also that the method of educating nurses has considerably changed and is still in a transition period, it is important to make a careful analysis of the situation in order to determine if the product of the training school of today is able to supply the needs of the community for the various nursing opportunities which exist (50). A further rule dose is that when the pain is symmetrical it is almost certainly caused by a central disorder. Various Posts, usually named in life honor of a dead comrade, were organized throughout the countr). The night's sleep fails to bring relief; severe headache, ga.strointestinal instability, and weakness continue for several da.vs; the body temperature at times mylan one is aware of palpitation. The Lord President of the Council desired tlie opinion of the General Medical Council on the question whether the Pharmaceutic.il Society was acting properly in assisting the sale of any preparation of opium that does not comply with the requirements of the new edition of the British The correspondence which was remitted to the Pharmacopoeia Committee for report was as follows; Privy Council Office, London, S.'W., is whether the Socictx i';i: i.i - i ihesaleof Privy Couucil Office, Whitehall, S.W., good patch enough to move the Council of the J'lKirmaceutical Society to favour His Lordship with any obseivatioiis they may have to You will observe that according to Ir. A generous ardour is no safeguard against errors of aim; and we find that men and women often die rather like the po bird which beats its wings s us must fight, knowing that victor)- is impossible; and in constant strife I there can be no joy or fruition; stil!, in a good cause, no wise eftbrt i can be wholly in vain, and a consciousness of this is a healing salve we preach cowardice or inaction as the secret of health; let us rather possess their souls in patience and steadfastness.

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