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From Observations at the Greenicich Observatory. I have known some otherwise very good physicians to make themselves very unpopular, both with the profession and the public, by their persistence in refusing consultations. Bauman, director of the Wichita-Sedgwick County Community Health Department at the annual Crumbine banquet held in Topeka in April. He threw over me for cover, an old Federal This was just after the war and I held a blue overcoat in perfect horror. The measure of acid production by bacteria has been the determination of 50 the amount of titrable acidity produced in a medium containing a known concentration of carbohydrate. In acute cases the sinuses, arteries, and veins of the brain are found engorged. All act destructively upon the red blood coloring matter from which they form methemoglobin. Prolonged overwork, disease, or dissipation weakens an organism. Had been under treatment by his family physician for seven months previous to his coming West. Any treatment of the question of the tort liability of private schools must therefore include a discussion of the doctrine of charitable immunity. This point is not yet proven, and this proof, when presented, must amount to more than a mere demonstration of differences in degree of experimental lesions produced in animals. Our business would be reheved of half the toil necessary to its successful prosecution, if there was a more intelligent understanding of it and less superstition concernino- it than there is. Sexual lesions are in themselves sufficient to determine nervous disturbances. This being the case, it is clear that every grade of severity of symptoms may be observed, beginning vvith the normal individual at one end, involving such conditions as dead fingers, tendency to local syncope, etc., and terminating with the most pronounced types As a provisional classification of the pathology of the disease, the (a) Due to inherited peculiarity. Moreover, in addition to the effect produced by the local or general, chemical or zymotic, action of the poisons, we have to consider the mechanical effect produced upon the neurons by the cerebrospinal fluid when this accumulates with sufficient force to compress the substance of the brain and cord. The right malar bone was depressed, and there was fracture at the inner angle of the lower margin of the orbit.

Derby, who had practised in New York City for over fifty years, died on received his medical degree from the New York Dr.

I saw him four weeks after the onset of rheumatism, and at this time the pain came several times a day in agonizing severity.


The mention of a few is necessary, however, to indicate lines along which remedies may be effected. Doubtless I needed it; it refreshed me. Then they arranged to remain in the well day and night and had their provisions let down to them by the returning tubs which hauled up the dirt. Their size varies from that of a cherry to that of a walnut; BECK: CALCULI jy THE LIVER AST) GALL BLADDER. Indeed, the style in some parts is rather loose and inaccurate. After strains had become mg adapted to plain slanted agar, attempts were made to induce multiplication in fluid media. Ellis is as rare "100" as one may think. HUTCHINSON ON EAEE FORMS OF FEACTURES, ETC.

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