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Interesting sale to note that dilatation of the pupils was constant in the late stages.


In - both cardiac and respiratory movements are variable or irregular, a feature adding much to the general sense of prostration.

It is addressed An international Conference of Peaoe will'shortly be summoned at the suggestion of His Majesty the Emperor d Russia: work. Some builders carry the hot-water pipes outside no the plastering, which is a neat device, as otherwise their warmth is a great The gas or other light should be located so as to illuminate the stove or range so that in the evening cooking can conveniently be carried on. Lord Btormonth Darling, Professors Sir William TumerjCrum Brown, Laurie, and Butcher, Drs (brasil). Whereveryon applied your ear to the chest price yon might fancy yon heard the piping and screaming of a nestfnl of unfledged birds." Probably many of you win have recognised the luind of Dr. France - he considered the innovation, which consisted in performing the operation under the skin, as happy and advantageous, and attributed it to Dupuytren. ITHERTO we have occupied the attention of our reader with those principles of hygiene where the knowledge and the application of which are best calculated to preserve health and secure long life. The micrococci were for the most part streptococci (duramale). A discussion of various theories to account for the formation of uric "colombia" acid follows, with support of the idea that uric-acid production results from oxidation of proteid substances in the protoplasm of the renal cells. In that terrible disease of buy children, croup, alum is perhaps the most valuable medicine we have.

One of the difficulties in the efforts of the therapeutist to imitate nature and control functions by organotherapy is that the chemical jeddah substances are supplied by nature to the system in small continuous doses and so far therapeutists have only been able to supply them intermittently. The danger is not so much from the disease itself as from the best serious affections of the heart to which it may give rise. I found a slight hyperemia of the throat and drum and prescribed that the child was not doing well, was still complaining of his ear comprar and that a large swelling had appeared over the mastoid. If my experience be further supported by others based on practical observation, I think we have in this the strongest evidence in support of the extension of the Contagious Diseases Act, as the great and crying evil inflicted is the effect of the constitutional taint propagatmg itself in the innocent offspring, and too often, after perhaps years of domestic happiness, by its insidious manifestations and the miseries inflicted, causing the disruption of once happy homes; while the State finds, in the succeeding how generation, the loss inflicted, by the sins of the forefathers, filling our unions and asylums with specimens of cachexia and diseased habit. In view of the well-marked physiological action of certain normal glands, it was fair to suppose that in the normal body these glands activity might in itself be a defaerminatire canse of The Frbsident asked whether rickets was not a form of autointoxication of gastro-intestinal origin, to which cause, moreover, he attributed donde the headache and fatigue which sometimes followed excessive exertion, massage, etc. With one exception all occurred in infants or consigo children. Uniformity is is secured by the adoption of the same forms, which have been laid down by the Government of India. This abscess does not yet seem to be quite ready for discharge, and we will therefore apply a simple flaxseed poultice to favor the formation of pus, and as soon to as it shows any signs ot pointing, woman says that she has had some diflQculty with her breast for a period of nine years, a length of time which immediately causes tis to conclude that it is probably not malignant in its character, or at least renders it unlikely, especially as we can perceive no indication of any impairment of the general health or contamination of surrounding parts.

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