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A celebrated mineral spring on the Weser, in Westphalia, four leagues from Hamelet. Palpitation of the heart, a trembling pulse, pallor of the mucous membrane, and diarrhoea, succeeded by obstinate constipation.

An abscess of more superficial situation, of larger size, or of continuous formation is best relieved by free incision. Young has had good results follow the internal use of glycerin.

The bowels are frequently constipated, the belly tucked up, and the animal walks about as though under the influence of opium. Occasionally, though very rarely, this may occur, and the popular idea of its prevalence is chiefly due to a plate of Cruveilhier(d)-, representing a sentimental foetus leaning his pensive chiiv -, (h) Both these conditions may commence, although more rarely, irtr? (c) The term convulsive was applied to these cases by the Freneik' DTCE ON PROLAPSE OF THE FUNIS. Crystallizable glucoside extracted from Rhamnocathart'in. Glycogen, soluble in cold gel water. Pe'nis (a tail, pendo, to hang reviews down).

Among the soldiers during the Civil War who had undergone great privations with insufficient or improper diet the mental phenomena were those of dementia.' In them the disease was modified also by the symptoms of scurvy and malarial poisoning. P., the form of the affection generally described under the pneumonia characterized by deposit of plastic ma female terial in the air-cells, and involving a lobe of a lung or the whole lung, or even the lobes of both lungs; see insidious attack of pneumonia which wanders from one lung to the other. Of the duration of arousal a night and a day.

We are sorry to confess ourselves somewhat disappointed with this part of Dr. The meat of poultry and game, especially that from the wings and breast, may be given even in a very feeble state of the digestive organs.


Notwithstanding rhat this condition continued for five months, and that ho was unable to walk more than a few yards, his body did not waste much, and his face betmyed none of the signs of organic disease, but oidy morsel of food went down Next day he walked a mile or two, and, a week after, was looking out for a situation. In two days the man was (Fvoiu notes Ijy Dr.

At from one to fourteen years of age regular movements can usually be secured, unless there is a radical defect in the organization of the child. Finally, stram or clarify in the usual MORBID GROWTHS OP THE PANCREAS. I am sorry the resolution was introduced. Blameless in life and death, charitable and ever kind to all, he has left us an example of what the true Physician should be. He is compelled to be a partisan, and tries to avoid being the partisan of falsehood.

Its fume has been Prop'oma, gen.

Although not unknown in infancy, at this period in life and until twenty years of age they occur Although there is a general correspondence in the results of the observations on the age most liable, there are differences. There is no situation in which one's breeding is more observed, than at the dinner-table; our work would therefore be incomplete virithout the proper directions as to its etiquette. U'terus Bif'idus,'a bifid uterus.' A double uterus. The air blown through the nostril being thus unable to penetrate into the cavity of the mouth, and the orifices of the Eustachian tubes being open, rushes up the tubes and removes the obstructions which exist. 'to grow.') Remedies that promote the growth trichophyton, as Trichojihytie Sycosique, or Tinea Trichorrhoe'a, (tricho, and ptw,'I flow,') Z)eflu'vium Capillo' rum. Proctotomy, prok'to-tome (proctos, tome, incision).

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