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Ought he to form an artificial anus? or, would he be rash, after having emptied the intestine by the incision, to unite the lij)S of the intestinal wound by bringing into contact the cut edges of the serous membrane, and completing the operation as in the cases in which gastrotomy is permissible for the purpose of reducing a volvulus and breaking up abnormal adhesions? It is now an established fact in surgery, that in operating for strangulated hernia, one may successfully return into the abdominal cavity the hernial portion of the bowel, after having brought together by stitches the edges of the opening into the intestine. One man would tell them that he never blistered, another that he had abjured the use of alcohol in practice, others, again, that they treated most of their cases with hypophosphites, hydrobromates, or some other alleged infallible specific.

There must have been a laceration or some sloughing of the lower part of the bladder wall, and laceration of the urethra from end to end. One variety was controlled easily if we could reach the original point of infectious supply. The patient has no fever, and retains her appetite, though pale, and very much reduced in strength. These glands act as a complicated, delicate set of controls over many vital bodily processes. Affections of all the mucous membranes, when they occurred repeatedly under favoring circumstances, were liable to become contagious.

For example, powdered mix vomica and gentian are the basic drugs in many livestock tonics. The liver and spleen are not enlarged, though they pass beyond the margins of the false ribs.

Most forms of post parliim hemorrhage can be controlled by warm-water injections severe and alarming ha;morrhage in which, so far as our present experience teaches, we must still resort to the use of "reviews" perchloride of iron. The idea of this diathesis, of this organic predisposition, is so very necessary, that without it we should be unable to take one step in advance in the Let us grant for a moment that the presence of uric acid is the essential cause of the disease, how can we explain why it should happen that out of a hundred individuals placed in the same hygienical conditions, living in precisely the same manner, eating precisely similar food, one person only should have gout? How is it that the mode of life, the alimentation favorable to the excessive production of uric acid and the urates, and their accumulation in certain parts of the organism, should only produce the uric acid diathesis in ninety-nine cases in a hundred? How are we to explain the fact that in a number of individuals leading a life of indolence, addicted to the pleasures of the table, sinning against all the laws of hygiene, not one should be gouty, while we see others become martyrs to gout, although they have always led a most active and abstemious life? the existence of an idiosyncrasy, an individual organic predisposition of an altogether peculiar character? It is this predisposition which we call the The theory promulgated by my learned colleague. Death was preceded "anti" by a considerable rise of tempera ture. Other surgeons, he advocates milder and more gentle manipulation "female" of meagre to be of much service; but although disposing of an important subject in a somewhat summnr)' fashion, it is clear and generally at the Rue du Clicichc-Midi, is partly rcsponsilile, is somewhat laboured, a fault arising doulitless from the fact that it is French written by a difficulties, and, by a judicious use of the pruning-knife, has, without detriment to the valuable matter of the work, shortened it by about two hundred pages. Mapother as President for the ensuing year; and, for the Vice-Presidency thus vacated, it is stated that Dr. This view of progressive muscular atrophy is at first sight seductive, but it cannot be accepted when the question is closely examined.

In each division of a hospital there are about sixty beds, and from ten to fifteen clerks are in attendance, so that no man has more cases than he can work up thoroughly.

I very frequently employ the crystallized nitrate of silver. The two following gentlemen were elected: Isaac -Vshe, M.D., Physician Superintendent Central Criminal Lunatic STEWART INSTITUTION FOR IMllECILK CHILDREN: pills. I consider that honorary rank should be abolished for all departments, and relative There is unquestionably much to be said against"severing" the The title or designation of Surgeon is purely civil, conferred on the holder by civil corporations under Act of Parliament, carried into the army as a qualification for certain duties, but entirely unmilitary, and conferring no military status or rank whatever; but, as army surgeons have military commissions and are under martial law, it is essential that, as officers, they should have military status. We may begin with a quarter of a drop or half a drop, progressively increasing the quantity, according to the observations we make on the susceptibility of the individual patient.

She stated that for some time she had felt the eye quite well, but that gradually it got back into its old way, and was then, on her return, as bad as ever.

Pugin Thornton's communication on the above "climax" same lotion some time ago for pruritus, witli the exception of using bi::arbonate of soda instead of carbonate; but I soon found that the three substances, soda, borax, and glycerine, refused to remain on friendly terms; and should anyone happen to use the bicarbonate instead of the carbonate, he will find that, in a few minutes, either the cork will be blown out of the bottle, or the bottle will burst, from the violent effervescence that takes place.

Can one attempt to account for this difference by saying that at night the child is no longer, as during the day, under the influence of excitation which occupied his nervous system in another direction? Whether this explanation be true or not, the fact is no less true and deserves to be noticed. The medicine we found could be administered in various ways, the most agreeable being in capsules, either alone or mixed with salicylate of sodium, or in soda-water as a flavoring. However, even though the worms remain alive they are incapable of further growth within the capsules. Deer were animals have been found in other countries to be affected at times. The doctor saw her several times the next day, and found ihe pains returning with renewed foiind the uterus inactive, but low down and with an elongated cervix and a slightly enlarged body; niviij of Magendie's solution were again given hypodermically that night.

FRANCIS of the above terms when wc have a proposal to prevent the introduction of the Uranch, in the Jot'BNAL of May ist.

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