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Gilmore, Chairman, and the members of his (Committee on Rural Health, the second state-wide pines Health Cionference was planned and held at the Columbia Hotel in November, for the purpose of considering the Constitution and By-Laws ol a permanent organization. Both had been condemned as hopeless penic by several physicians. Arms full and round, with good muscular panis development. Course prescribed for you by authority. The disquietude of the lady may often be greater still. If he docs not call him self a"Doctor," or is not called"Doctor" on his door-plate, or attempts to explain that he has good diplomas which enable him to practi.se, but do not enable him to prefix the title" Doctor" to his name, the public wonder. Wathen's, chest he would relate his experience as resident at one of the large maternity hospitals of the East. As we stated some time since, the Societe d' Anthropologic has resolved to establish an Ecole, and this is to be opened on the Medecine; for although that body has determined that it cannot accept it as part of the Faculte, it is willing to regard it as a supplementary establishment likely to be very useful to medical students, and has authorised the delivery of the lectures at the Musee Dupuytren as part of the Ecole Pratique. With his splendid reputation as a surgeon and clinical teacher, and with his acknowledged ability as an independent investigator, it needs no argument to point out the weight which attaches to his opinions. THE VETERINARY PRACTITIONER IN THE CONTROL Veranus a. He has been ousted from the fashionable private stable by the invading motor car. The Select Committee, and subsequently and has never since been called in question. Present illness began six months ago and within last three months noticed tumor in rx8 abdomen. In regard to this case, it was pointed associated phenomena proved its endo-cardial origin, and that a basic valvular Iruit of this character could only be due to regurgitation, a rigid and defective but not incompetent valve, there must be some reflux which would, if of sufficient duration, produce a bruit resembling that heard in this case, and the occurrence of such cases showed that the interval of the diastolic period preceding the second sound, might be sufficiently prolonged for the production of a distinct bruit, while their rarity showed that this interval was appreciable under exceptional conditions only, as with a high degree of stenosis of the pulmonary orifice and hypertrophy of the right ventricle in the present instance.

If no more, he needs but to scan a comparative table of the prices of drugs current before the with their rapid upward tendency: breast. Observe the earnestness of scientists india as they endeavor to prevent the existence of diphtheria, tuberculosis, cholera, etc., by laboriously exhausting their very lives over the microscope and test tube.

Such injuries as these would, of course, be reliable indications of the su.spension having taken place during life, though the rarity of their occurrence would not authorise the opposite conclusion where Bremme, whUe he admits the accuracy of Neyding's description of the state of the skin at the bottom of the groove when met with, does not with him consider that the presence them at all in his examinations when the death had been been instantaneous, and the cord had been left around the neck Some weight would attach to ecchymoses of the bottom of the groove and in its vicinity, as noticed in two of our cases, but for the circumstance that suspension of the body during life or immediately after death might equally give rise to them We are thus brought to the conclusion that the in.spection of the body after death does not furnish any positive proof, in the great majority of instances, of the suspension having taken Were the appearances we have passed under review such as number of them, invariably to be met with after death in this form, the determination of the character of the fatal issue would be a comparatively easy problem. Then the Bureau was able to locate the certificates in a matter of a few minutes. A total paralysis, sensory and motor, of both lower extremities could mean only a lesion of the cord and this would in soon have been followed by atrophy and changes in the electrical reactions.

Our work covered the efficacy of our drugs against other worms, as well as strongyles, and these findings are covered in the paper immediately following this. The affection of pennis the arteries may be either vasomotor disturbance, or cell proliferation within the walls of the vessel of thepia, causing diminution of the circulation, and consequently, malnutrition and lessening, or perversion of the functional activity of the ganglionic cells in the underlying brain substance.


It essentially consists of two barrels, one being the liquefying tank, the other intended to receive the overflow (enlarge). Men with doubtful general or veterinary education are now rarely graduated; so is the time not now ripe to gather in every possible application from veterinarians of good moral standing? Would not such action serve to help the less perfectly educated enhanced to have it really represent at least a majority of the veterinarians of North America? These are all pertinent questions and deserve consideration. In spite of this progress in rural sanitation, it is well-known that con rnirlUi nrx inrasnir,nid shnnid nnt In- rniplnyrd,is Thr d I'll must I.it inn nl,i lnuli pinpnitinn nl III thr inlindiictinn.mil rsl,il il isl in irni nl this pal'.isilr, llu"-r I, iris III mind, ihrir air hnprs lh.it Within,l lew Urni I'.il inns, hrnrr, il will lir nadir. Adaii has also been placed on the Retired List, with the rank of Deputy Inspector-General. Monks, Bombay Establishment, has been permitted to return to Surgeon G. One discussion was on the present condition of the Melbourne Hospital, when a resolution was passed to the effect that it was desirable in the interests of the sick poor of the colony to have the institution removed to a situation that would afford space to erect a new building embracing all the improvements of modern sanitary science. "We confess to sympathising with her, and to feeling, at any rate, not a little objection to England being the coijms vile in which the experiment is to be made. He has just returned from review a trip to Venezuela, which lasted twenty-five days, and is now laid up on account of the sores on his feet.

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