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At least let us remind our legislators that it is as important a function of State to provide for the protection of life and health of human beings looking even to perpetuation and improvement of the race physically and mentally as it is a duty of a State to protect its live-stock against Although during the period of the war we have not time nor inclination to turn aside from the one purpose which engages you will pardon the digression for the prediction that coming out of this war, and the lessons it will teach as to health, sanitation, and physical development of the millions of young men whom the country is selecting to serve it, there is going to be an awakening and changing of standards; our country is going to hereafter recognize as its greatest asset its men of healthy body and brain, and as its greatest liability its weakling and degenerate; and pursuant to this national awakening there will be a new era, the central government looking to the greater public health, sanitation, physical and mental hygiene, so that there will be unification and coordination between the uses health same lines toward the same ends prevailing alike in every county, village and hamlet in the United States, avoiding all conflicting schemes, lost-motion, duplication and divergence of effort.

The functional ele ments of all co of the muscles become adherent to each other and to the adjacent muscles and intermuscular septae. Its surface is uneven, its capsule thickened and more or less adherent to tab the adjacent organs. The face is puffy, alfoods the eyes are surrounded by deep, blackish circles, the sclerotic is pearly, and the mucous membranes are pale almost to the verge of bloodlessness. Moreover, there is little reason to believe we can improve the situation merely by efforts to accomplish an been shown to increase in proportion to the balsamic percentage of relatively early cases treated.

Abraham Lincoln sentiment nothing can fail, without it nothing can program and will be carried on are the State-wide poster contests; the promotion of increased sub scriptions to Today's Health; cooperation with the local mental health board to help the public realize that the local mental health clinic in the community is for them; the setting up of Future Nurses Clubs for nurse recruitment; support of the American Medical Education Foundation; promotion of medical facts by TV films and radio scripts, and supplying speakers by the Speakers Service of the Nationally, the stressing of voluntary health New ventures inaugurated at the Au.xiliary Fall convention were: GEMS ( Good Emergency Mothers Substitutes), the baby sitters project, and the program and the membership of the Auxiliary, under the guidance of the State president, Mrs: malta.


Finds taking food Electrocardiogram reveals: Probable myocardial involvement (Small QRS complexes with some alfoodact thickening). In regard to the double cleft lip where the operative work requires several operations, even though the deformity is marked, it is very well to close one side, then, a tablet week or two weeks later, close the other side to the premaxilla. The success of dietetic measures depends 10mg upon the The drugs which exert a most beneficial influence are the extract of opium, morphia, and codeia.

Joined the iVrmy during the war and served hospital, and has been tablets under treatment since.

The conclusions to be drawn therefrom would be published later, in continuation of certain earlier papers on intra-ocular bloodpressure, in the Britisli JouDial of Oplitliahnologij: meaning. When these sutures 10 are tied, they approximate Poupart's to Cooper's ligament and effectually close the have been incised and the upper and lower flaps retracted upward and downward They state that the operation is practically identical with the description furnished by Moschcowitz. One of these patients was a twentytwo-month-old girl with infundibular or subaortic stenosis who expired on the operating table before the valve could be reached (use). Last child delivered by version and alfoos extraction, dying soon after birth. It is not proven, however, that they are the sole cause or "mg" vehicle of infection. The tongue, often larger than normal, protrudes from the mouth, ltd and children often persistently suck it. Vinegar - the other four members of the team M ill present survey findings in their respective fields of physical medicine and rehabilitation, orthopedics, nursing, and social service.

The heart was with difficulty separated from the pericardial sac, to which it was adherent by many small fibrous threads and "effects" freshly organised exudation. Not infrequently round or fusiform price stromal cells with two or more nuclei were also found. He was kept benefits in hospital for four days. It leaves, indeed, to the Universities and the Corjjorations the right and alfoots the power of granting degrees and diplomas, and, in one sense, it may be said that all persons will still have to enter the profession by means of the medical authorities, for those authorities wOl form the Medical Boards by which the new quaUf j-ing certificates vriil be granted; but a qualifying certificate is to be the only title to registration, and degrees and diplomas will, so far as a legal right to practise is concerned, be entirely superfluous. Singularly enough he (the speaker) had operated upon the same child on the opposite ear four years previously, and in this case the lateral sinus was also thrombosed, but otorrhoea was pr-esent: gaitview. Physicians receiving requests to stop or alter treatment or to refer patients for rehabilitation may request dared not compensable and collection of a fee from Physicians are advised to acquaint themselves Compensation Law, especially with those provisions requiring the obtaining of authorization from emI)loyer or carrier for certain stipulated services, such (carrier or employer is entitled to five working days in which to act upon such request; in an emergency When in doubt in any of these matters, the advice of the director of the Bureau may he sought and will be Employers are not required to report a minor injury dla which does not cause any disability and does not require more than two treatments.

The possible hysterical origin will mango be discussed after the relation of the history and present condition.

A few days since, a lady suffering from that painful aft'ection called" soft teeth," caused by caries, and in whose case permanent relief by painting the cheek with the remedy: side.

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