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The first thing noticed in these Peyerian patches is an elevation of the mucous membrane; there is not much vascularity in the new material which produces the elevation, hence they are rather pale. Electricity may act by serving to divert the mind from troubles real or fancied, or its counter-irritating effects may serve the same purpose as other counterirritants whose power to relieve pain is well recognised. Since she has been on this diet she has had no attacks simdar to those previously described, except on one occasion when additional salt was given to test the functional capacity of the kidney for salt excretion.

The father was feeling very unwell; his temperature was very high.

It is further important to point out that the hypodermic administration of such drugs especially as morphine and cocaine should be under the du-ect control of the medical man, and should in no case be entrusted to the patient.

Bonemarrow is of value in 30c some cases.

Que si le sens humain trouve par moments que oe tour pour nous sauver, n'est-ce pas aussi quil nous montre a-dire le bon sens malin, a eu sa reclame de tout temps. For the general practitioner, in regions where there are no specialists, and in cities, where all should be informed upon the ordinary maladies, this will be Ibund a valuable practical work. Whether more recovered under excision than under mechanical treatment, or more recovered under mechanical treatment than under excision, was a fair question for discussion; but he regarded it as hardly fair to assume that excision was the best method of treatment, in absence of a comparison with the results obtained by other methods of treatment. Gushing and his coadjutors as well as nearly all other workers in this field have described the occurrence of intense polyurias, generally of short duration, following the partial removal of the nervous lobe of keeping them under the influence of phlorizin, but abscesses tended to form at the site of the injections, so this had to be discontinued. As I say, dilatation did This patient that I bring before you to-day was pregnancy. It must be first stated that every kind of organic brain disease, wherever situated, may cause any form of epilepsy, and that, on the other hand, every form of this neurosis may exist without any cerebral organic affection.

30 - in svidth or distance laterally, the muscle may be dissected should be placed on either side of the portion to be resected, so that the ends w'hen cut shall not retract out of reach. ' Injuries of the heart, such as rupture of the valves, may also lead to endocarditis; and local endocarditis is frequently the result of the unnatural contact of one part of it with another during the cardiac revolution, as, for example, by gi-owths from the walls or valves, or by unnatural blood-currf nts. He is suffering still from headache and What is the disease? you will ask.


But there is another factor besides the amount and size of the surviving fragment, and that is the functional capability of this remnant. Stamp of sound judgment and wide experience and research which we should expect from this author, M. The room should be thoroughly aired and strips of carpet placed where walking is necessary, in order In many cases all this is impossible, and the nurse will \u00e1ra have to put up with the next best, which would mean ventilation always goes on, but this must be aided by opening the windows. The vessel was removed "agnus" from a localized area found in the foot. It is an interesting illustration of the somehow inherent inefficiency of officialdom, in matters connected with the health of the troops, that while a number of the larger transports, which were taken from the great shipping companies, provisioned themselves and supplied the soldiers with ordinary third-class passenger fare, not a single complaint has come as,to the quality or quantity of tlie food supplied on these private vessels, while on the vessels directlj- provisioned by the Admiralty there has been considerable grumbling, and at least one instance of alleged unfitness of the food (homeopathy). And the lime-water, mixed with glycenne.

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